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A not-exactly-daily blog (read: public diary) from a four-legged animal in a two-legged body.


This week is hard.

There’s nothing special this week, no birthday or anniversary or otherwise memorable day. It’s just hard.

The tears won’t stop.

Don’t wake her. Don’t make her share this pain on top of her own.

But it’s so hard not to scream as I sob for days on end

or maybe hours

probably just long minutes.

Except it comes back. Each day, sometimes more than once.

Innocent findings transmogrify into agonizing reminders:

He’s gone.

I miss him.

So much.



And now, for something completely different.

…obviously getting a laptop did zero (or even negative!) for my update rate here at the Cat’s Pajamas xD But hey, who knows whether that’ll change?

Those who know me know that I am a furry. I’m not the type to get a full fursuit, but that’s mainly because I don’t think it’d look good on me/regarding my characters. What I DO wear is ears, tails, collars, and at some point I’ll get some sleek paw-gloves. I also act quite cat-like, meowing, enjoying being pet, batting playfully at teasing people, and even staying up late and sleeping even later.

But many of the people who know me to be a furry don’t realize quite how many fursonas I have. And the answer is, well… a lot. At present, the number is 18.5 (you’ll learn about that “half” at some point). Here’s a brief list of them and some basic information about them. Surnames are italicized, nicknames are in quotation marks. All characters are anthro, except where noted.

  1. Kiri Alinor. . . Female. . . Kitti (3-formed feline… feral, anthro, and neko) // 1.5. Kiwi Alinor. . . Male. . . Kitti
  2. Lilena “Lilly” Mayrin. . . Female. . . Foxling (3-formed mage-fox; same concept as Kitti)
  3. Verraine “Verry” Kesh. . . Female. . .Lioness
  4. Marnel “Marn” Orosir. . . Male. . . Wild Dog
  5. Imina Pelis. . . Female. . . Oriental Cat
  6. Sika (formerly Nemesaril) of Faelin. . . Female. . . Red Fox
  7. Arish “Ari” Teph. . . Female. . . Hare
  8. Ashuvainn “Ash” Teph. . . Male. . . Hare
  9. Evarim “Evers” Kändr. . . Male. . . White Wolf
  10. Eliane “Elie” Sollet. . . Female. . . Snow Leopard
  11. Joce “Bluebird” Naone. . . Female. . . Fennec Fox
  12. Nava (Mae) Chisenio. . . Female. . . Black Bear
  13. Zenaiyo “Zen” Avix. . . Female. . . Tigress
  14. Isaruka “Ruka” Brenn. . . Female. . . Kitti
  15. Rinus Coulter. . . Male. . . Fox/Caracal Hybrid
  16. Cyntavi Fei. . . Male. . . Genet
  17. Potato ???. . . Female. . . Kitti
  18. Mint ???. . . Female. . . alt!Kitti (no anthro, instead fully-human)

Intense, right? Well, if you’re lucky, I’ll be posting about them one by one: more details on each, and hopefully some art!

How about my readers? Is there anyone in particular you’d like to learn about first? And to the furry readers, how many characters do you have? Think this is an absurd number? Let me know what you think!

Routine? Psssh, what’s that?

So it looks like I’m pretty bad at keeping to the “daily” thing I’d planned on. Will that change once I’m hooked up with a legitimate mobile computer (AKA laptop/notebook)? Well, we’ll have to find out… in just a couple weeks, as it were c:

“What does that mean?” some of you might ask. Basically, it says that I’M GETTING A LAPTOP 8D I’ll be buying one at the end of this month as an early Christmas present for myself, yay! So excited. I have my eyes on a couple different options right now, all of which have very similar capabilities, but it looks like the one I’ll most likely be getting is the Acer Aspire AS7250-3821 17.3″ Notebook 😀 Can’t waaait.

…but yeah, that’s my current life story. 😛


So, apparently I missed a few days… Huh. But I learned to install windows within that time, so it’s not all terrible. I might do multiple posts per day to catch up, which wouldn’t last long since I only missed two days.

Splinters. Ouch. Little tiny ones that I can’t even see, only feel. Not to mention the ones in my heart and soul.

Well, that was corny.

Another day, another… what?

Even the best of us have our bad days, including when we’re in the happiest times of our lives. For me, one of my lowest points… just about ever… took place very recently, over a span of about 28 hours, and that was from about midnight between the 10th and 11th, to about 4 AM this morning (the 12th). I contemplated some extremely dark things more than just once or twice, within this timeframe, and this time my usual reason for living didn’t apply so much… Suffice it to say that it’s a good thing my personality doesn’t let me take any sort of negative action while I live with others.

What I was wondering is this: what do others use to reassure themselves, even in their darkest hours? What helps them to bounce back? I’d really be interested to find out, and I’d appreciate it a lot if some of you would help. I hope you can spare a moment to log your response in this poll, or else leave a comment.

Insert Text Here

Well, this is awkward. My first actual post on my (gasp!) blog :3 As the page states, this is pretty much going to be a public diary as it were, heh. This will largely consist of a stream-of-thoughts sort of deal; that is to say, it will be fairly random, from post to post and even within individual posts. But maybe I’ll start an actual theme and purpose at some point… yeah, that’d be nice. Well, I just hope I don’t bore you to death! ^^;

Until next time… Kitti, signing off.

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